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Anti-Malware Research and Development

T.L. Bean provides a simple, yet sophisticated, fully-automated BugSquasher program that uses a combination of industrial-strength scanning engines to automatically remove the latest worms, trojans, viruses, and spyware. BugSquasher is able to rid your system of malicious malware that is impossible to detect and remove using a traditional virus scanner. In addition to an extensive malware scan, a software installation menu allows the user to install best of the best anti-malware removal software.

Virus/spyware protection alone is not enough to combat the ever growing number of polymorphic malware that is circulating on the Internet. There are a number of files on a test virtual machine that were found to be infected with rapidly-changing, in-the-wild malware after surfing astalavista.box.sk.

An even better solution for malware protection is to use Linux as your primary operating system. The same websites that infected a Microsoft Windows virtual machine with a slew of malicious malware did not touch the Linux operating system. Download one the top-rated Linux operating systems and discover for yourself the power of Linux. Many of these Linux distros offer a "live" CD/DVD, which allows you to check out the functionality of the operating system without having to install it on your hard drive.

T.L. Bean's LinuxSOHO and LinuxHA projects provide at-the-gateway scanning to protect your computer network from the latest threats. Using state-of-the-art, Linux-based technology, malicious malware is instantly zapped at the Internet gateway before it ever reaches your computer workstations.

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